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Online classes feedback
Kiran Melkani Mother of Himanshu Melkani Class 7 Ruby
My child' s online classes are going on very well . It has improved my child a lot. Thanks ! For being so supportive during this time of pandemic.

Online classes feedback
Parents of Anuj Kholiya, Class 7 Ruby
We are feeling proud that our children are studying in BLM Academy who has given their full support during this time of Covid 19 . Teachers are working very hard to impart proper education to our students. The online classes are going on very smoothly . It gives us feeling that that are in school only. Thank you!

online classes feedback
Sonia Bhatia Mother of Pratham Bhatia
I would like to share one incident with you- Just few days back, I was around, when Pratham was attending your on-line class and his mobile speaker was on...I really appreciate you and want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.The way you are interacting with students,your way of teaching, making learning so interesting and explaining everything while coming to their level of understanding was really commendable.Once again I want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and person.