About Us

An ideal education forms and nourishes as wide a range of capacities and skills in our children as possible. Besides it enables, empowers and enlightens a person towards his duties to God, country and self.

How can we impart Ideal Education and get rid of unmindful struggle and loss of peace of mind?

Here comes the role of a school.
The role
-to introduce child with truth,
-to preserve or to restore the innocence and the purity of heart, soul and mind of the child,
-to make him experience the power within that ‘Brahma Bhawati Sarathi'.
If it could be done, learning become effortless & the child becomes capable of accomplishing more with less efforts.
Truly roots are to be watered not the leaves.
One child enlightened enlightens one generation.

Aiming to fill the gap created in the sector of education due to sheer ignorance or commercialization of education, the Bihari Lal Mishri Devi Memorial Trust Society was founded by the Great Visionary, Political Leader, Businessman & Social Worker, Shri Ved Prakash Gupta Ji, in fond memory of his parents Late Shri Bihari Lal Gupta & Late Smt. Mishri Devi Gupta, on 5th June 2010 to establish, administer, manage, maintain and organize educational institutions and to enhance the cause of education with a special emphasis on Indian ethical and spiritual values, irrespective of religion, cast and creed.

The first milestone of this noble mission is BLM Academy, to be upgraded as Senior Secondary Public School, (affiliated with CBSE) under the able guidance of Mr. J.C. Pant, Principal DPS Buland Shahar, the school found its existence formally on the auspicious day 12.03.11 Saturday, In the hands of Honorable Cabinet Minister of Sec. & Higher Education Mr. Govind Singh Bisht, though the initial work of planning and preparation had already started on 1st November 2010 after the appointment of Principal Mrs. R.K. Bisht.

The Truth-

The child needs to be accepted, respected, liked, trusted, encouraged, supported, activated, amused, able to explore, experiment & achieve while learning. Does it need Solomon's wisdom, Freud's insight, Einstein's knowledge and Florence Nightingale's dedication?
No, only the trust
'Child give me your hand.
That I may walk in the light of your faith in me.'
Indeed a school and the teachers have a great responsibility yet the teachers are capable to do this miracle even with scarce tools.

It’s simple and sound-
‘Knowledge is structured in consciousness.' It is to be retrieved. Only an awakening is required and once sparked the flow of knowledge starts, perpetuates and abounds.

The BLM Academy has come into existence to uphold with conviction the responsibility of introducing the children with the core truth in an ideal & model teaching learning.

Vision- To prepare the children empowered with Indian ethical and spiritual values to face the global challenges.
Pillars- To realize the vision are - SATYA, PURUSHARTH & PARAMARTH