Mission Statement

To prepare the children empowered with Indian ethical and spiritual values to face the global challenges.


To realize the vision the pillars are- SATYA, PURUSHARTH & PARAMARTH


प्रणवो धनुः शरो हि आत्मा ब्रह्म तल्लक्ष्मुच्यते I
अप्रमत्तेन विद्द्दव्यं शरवत्तन्मयो भवेत् II (मुण्डक उपनिषद)

(The Goal of the self is to reach the Supreme Self. Only a pious soul with the persistent thought of the Almighty & undeviated from its path like an arrow can reach the destination.)

Our Message

“Celebrate the Gift of Life”.


The task at hand with the school is to blend the rich ethical, cultural & educational heritage of India with modern educational and pedagogical innovations to facilitate learning and development of al well integrated personality of a child, enriched with vital aspects of ethics, morality, humility, humanity and enlightened with the truth of life, along with eligibility in him.

In this era of Information Technology where knowledge is available at the click of a button, ‘manner’ matters more than ‘matter’.

Realizing the fact, the school shall aim at developing a novel concept of education based on rich Indian ethos, human science, creativity, innovations, research and development and smart work.

The B.L.M. Academy is well equipped to accomplish this noble task with its visionary management, adept administration and dedicated staff.

  • The school is affiliated to CBSE up to Sr. Sec. Level encompassing all the important streams and subjects.
  • The curriculum in all the classes & subjects is in conformation with the prescribed courses of NCERT.
  • In compliance with the policy of CBSE the school aims at CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION of child’s performance in following scholastic domains along side the scholastic.

Life Skills
  • Thinking Skill
  • Social Skill
  • Emotional Skill

Attitudes Towards
  • Teachers                      Literary & Creative Skills
  • School Mates               Scientific Skills
  • School Programs          Aesthetic Skills
  • Environment                  Performing Arts
  • Value System

The Curriculum in all subjects is designed digitally (computerized) to suit the need of the child. Sanskrit, the Dev Vani is given its due place in the curriculum of the school.