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An ideal Education forms and nourishes as wide a range of capacities and skills In our children as possible. Besides it enables, empowers and enlightens a person towards his duties to God, country and self.’' How can we impart Ideal Education and get rid of unmindful struggle and loss of peace of mind? Here comes the role of a school. The role -to introduce child with truth, -to preserve or to restore the innocence and the purity of heart, soul and mind of the...

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All Notices
Farewell of Class XII Students

Wall Magazine (Topic - Tourist Destination in Uttarakhand Theme)

PTM (Classes Nursery - VIII), Classes IX-XI

Commencement of Final Exams Classes (IX & XI)

Holiday Maha Shivratri

National Science Day (Science Dept.), Graduation Day

Happy Birthday

Toppers 2018-19 CLASS X
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Toppers 2018-19 CLASS XII
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Science Olympiad Foundation

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Kids Corner

Kids Corner

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